Deinhard Range

To enjoy an experience of Deinhard is to enjoy over 250 years of passion, expertise and a lion’s pride for winemaking. Inspired by the majesty of our surroundings, where rolling grape vines hug the riverbanks of the great Moselle river and form Germany’s most prized wine-region. Deinhard wines promise bright fruit flavour, crisp cool freshness and an ease and approachability that welcomes everyone to enjoy. Continuously innovating new expressions to suit the contemporary palate we bring, with every generation, the splendour and vitality of this place to life.

Locally referred to as the ‘king of grapes’, at Deinhard we have always specialised in and championed Riesling for its wonderfully expressive quality. Today, we use that expertise to bring out the best across a range of varietals, all perfectly suited to expressing the quality of this region, as bright and fresh as the valley in spring and as smooth and balanced as the winter snow. With individual expressions to meet any tastes, Deinhard promises contemporary style, crafted over centuries.