Alcohol Free

Constantly innovating to reflect changing consumer tastes is at the heart of the Deinhard brand. Which is reflected in our alcohol free products, that fit with consumer trends of lower ABV, fewer calories and healthier consumption occasions. Deinhard alcoholfree wines, with our light and crisp products are the perfect choice with no compromise, allowing you to reduce your alcohol consumption or for people not wishing to consume alcohol at all.

Deinhard Green Label Riesling Alcohol Free

Green Label Riesling Alcohol Free


Straw yellow with citrus reflexes.


Crisp, clean notes of apple, rhubarb and lemon, off dry style with a refreshing minerality that lasts.


Lemongrass, yellow apple ,quince, pear and hints of freshly baked brioche.

Food Match

Pairs with almost every food. Seafood, pasta or a simply Pizza.


Dry  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Sweet
Light  A B C D E  Full Bodied

Riesling is the perfect choice to deliver the fresh and crisp style associated with alcoholfree wines. Its grapes producing light and elegant wines, with a clean and fresh taste of lime, subtle hints of rhubarb and yellow apples that are underlying the mineral notes of the cool climate terroir. Gently dealcoholized and naturally sweetened with grape concentrate it is long lasting and offering great enjoyment without sacrifice.